qwop guide


qwop guide is your key to understand qwop hacked unblocked. You need a guide to build your strategy. will show you how to run, crawl and other tips.

qwop guide is your key to understand the secret of the game which became one of the most famous flash games all over the world.
Qwop hacked is one of the best games that depends on strategy and techniques.
You need only four keys (qwop) to control the game.
The main target of this game is to let the olympic runner pass the 100 meters without falling.

If it is the first time you hear about game, you’ll be excited to play it. You’ll need my guide to understand well how to play it till the end of the competition.
At the beginning, you’ll think it is an easy game because it’s just a running game, your main is to pass just 100 meters, but after trying for once, you’ll discover that it is not an easy mission, but you need to qwop guide to help you to build your strategy that enables you to pass the 100 meters to reach the end. So before playing, you should search for good qwop guide if you want to win.
The first thing you need to know about the guide.
Is that there are 4 keys to control the runner, the keys are q,w,o,p.

guide secrets:
Although there are many people who passed the 100 meters and achieved the main goal of the game, qwop requires a real strategy.
Reading my guide will help you to build your own strategy which will be the key of winning.
Read the coming guide to start competition:
First, press O key so that the player can go forward, after pushing him to the forehead press QP together to let the runner take his first step
Second, Press O and W together to change the action of the runner foot, this helps him to step his second bit.
Third, continue repeating trying to limit the time to record the perfect time to win the game.
The main job of W, O is to lift the body.
Use O&W together to control the left leg while P&q keys control the right one. Still repeating pressing on W,o / Q,p / W,o / Q,p till the end of the game.
You don’t fall when you fall on your knees, so that some persons used this point for their favor trying to cheat.
They let the runner fall down on his knees by pulling back the claves, then they press W, q keys to make the runner moves his foot.

play qwop hacked

Generally, it’s not unconvinced strategy specially you can win easily if you practiced more than one time and followed the instructions trying not to let the runner fall principally there are many people who succeeded in passing the 100 meters. So it isn’t impossible to win the game.
At the end, you shouldn’t ignore the guide because it is your perfect way to win qwop hacked easily, so before starting playing you should search for the best qwop guide.